Winter sports

The 'Winter sports' section of the ‘Koninklijke NUCLEA vzw’ was founded by several ardent ski enthusiasts in 1987.

The purpose of this section is the promotion of winter fun and sports, primarily for the interested NUCLEA members and their families, and secondly for interested friends and acquaintances.

A full winter sports’ year starts around September, when a decision is made as to where our next destination will be. The organisation will have already made the necessary inquiries in this respect during the previous summer months. As a result, we can offer our participants a suitable (mini) programme: one week of winter sports in mid-January, and a long weekend (3 nights and 4 days of skiing) in March.

Together with the ‘Sportraad’ (Sports Board) of the municipality of Dessel, 2 series of 6 to 8 pre-ski gymnastics sessions are organised to bring our physical condition up to scratch (one series before and one series after the Christmas holidays). It is very important to prepare the muscles for the unusual movements involved in skiing, in order to prevent accidents!

Then, when our holidays are over, it is high time to have a serious chat about snow, ice, cross-country skiing, hiking, ski-lifts, slopes with their associated colours, and, of course, the après-ski. The ultimate après-ski event is organised for the members of our section and the participants to the trips every year around the end of April. This is also the time to reward loyal participants, and happy memories can be recalled over a drink and a snack.

And next year... we start from the beginning again! See you then and, in the meantime, sporty winter greetings!

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