Who can join NUCLEA?

Documents regarding membership fees:

Anyone can become a member of NUCLEA vzw, but voting rights at the General Members’ Meeting are reserved for "active members".


  • All staff members and retired staff members of the participating companies: SCK•CEN, VITO, JRC (= "active members")
  • The resident family members of "active members" (partner and children until the year in which they turn 25);
  • Partners of deceased "active members";
  • Trainees at the above-mentioned companies;
  • Persons who are following a training course at the above-mentioned companies.


  • "Family guests" (= children of "active members" who are no longer living with the "active member" or who are older than 25) and their resident family members;
  • "Subcontract guests" (= workers on contract at one of the above-mentioned companies) and their resident family members;
  • Temporary staff at one of the above-mentioned companies and their resident family members;
  • "Sympathisers" and their resident family members;
  • "Honorary members" and their resident family members.


All persons who do not belong to one of the above-mentioned categories may join as "external invited guests".


Payment is possible through the following payment methods:
Cash payment at the Nuclea Secretariat (open every working day from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3:30 to 5 p.m. - holidays are always indicated on the homepage of this website),
Bank transfer to the following account number: (ING) IBAN BE 77 3631 1772 9142 - BIC BBRUBEBB (Nuclea vzw, Boeretang 200, 2400 Mol), with reference to the sections and persons for whom the payment is being made.
The annual NUCLEA membership fee consists of 2 parts:

  • the basic fee,
  • the section contribution.

The Basic Fee

The basic membership fee has to be paid annually by all NUCLEA members.
This contribution varies depending on the membership category to which you belong.
There are 3 different member categories: group 1, group 2 and group 3.

Section contribution

In addition, there is an annual section contribution for participation in the activities of the various sections. This contribution has to be paid for every chosen section, and is not the same for all sections. For membership of the 'Golf' section, for example, the section contribution is higher due to the high infrastructure costs associated with this activity.
An overview of the requested contribution(s) for this year according to the individual choice of section(s) can be found below.

Membership fees structure 2019: Nederlands - Français - English

Visitors’ cards

General visitors’ cards:

These cards may be used for all sections for which no separate visitors’ cards are available. Every member from the age of 16 upwards is entitled to invite someone to an activity to which he/she is affiliated. The number of general visitors’ cards is limited to a maximum of 10 per year, per section and per member. The number of guests is limited to 2 persons per day and per member. The host must accompany the guest(s). For 2014, the price for these visitors’ cards has been set at € 25 (= 5-session card). The cards can only be purchased at the Nuclea Secretariat.

Visitors’ cards ‘Swimming’

The visitors’ card is made out in the name of the Nuclea member responsible for the guest. From the age of 16 onwards, every member is entitled to invite someone to the beach.
For 2014, the price for those visitors’ cards has been set at € 50 for a 10-session card and € 25 for a 5-session card. These cards can only be purchased on the beach during the opening hours (from the job students). Outside this period, cards can be obtained from the Nuclea Secretariat.

Visitors’ cards 'Golf' (green fee)

The guest must be a member of the ‘Koninklijke Belgische Golffederatie’ (Royal Belgian Golf Federation) or of a similar federation in another country. The guest must provide evidence of a minimum level of golf ability by means of a handicap certificate of 35 or less or a golf ability license. The guest pays a 'green fee'. The 'green fee' entitles the guest to play a maximum of 18 holes. It is possible to invite a group of guests, provided that arrangements have been made with the Secretariat of the golf section in due time. Guests should respect the traditional conduct rules of golf players in general, and the local club rules in particular. The internal regulations for the section can be consulted on the spot.