Playing golf at NUCLEA - a sport for ALL and ALWAYS.


There’s no age for playing golf. Even the smallest nippers are already attracted by the game with ball and stick, and many grandparents enjoy taking their grandchildren onto the course. Furthermore, there’s no need to be an outstanding super athlete, because, unlike other sports, anyone can learn golf. Everyone can practice the sport at their own pace, out in the open. It's fun and relaxing. And you walk quite a few kilometres, without even noticing it. It’s also one of the few sports where you can enjoy a pleasant chat with your game partners throughout the course. Golf is therefore a very social activity, which often involves the whole family. Golf can also be played throughout the year, when the sun’s out, but also when it drizzles or during squalls - which happens to be the case more often than not. You can play with anyone, junior with senior, beginner with the club champion. The very fair and extremely British handicap system ensures equal chances for everyone, and even makes it possible that a "rabbit" can win against a "pro". But you can, of course, also play on your own, and enjoy the peace and quiet, nature and the magnificent flight of your ball against a blissful summer sky.

The Golfclub Nuclea was founded in 1985 and is a 9-hole course with par 66 over 4,111 m. The quality of the greens and fairways is appreciated by many visitors, because the GCN has now outsourced all maintenance activities to a professional greenkeeper.

The golf section currently has 360 members, of which the youngest golf player is 9 years old. The GCN is very dynamic, and organises more than 100 competitions for young players, ladies, seniors and gentlemen every season. Our Golf Pro is also available at the course six days a week, and could assist you with your first steps on the course.



Cesare Cervini
Tel.: 014 43 01 36 and 0478 72 36 84

Responsible Manager:
Raf Sterckx
Tel.: 0478 24 96 71