Smart Body and Mind Training

Each of us has to do with stress. In some cases this can lead to burnouts and depression.


To stay out of this danger zone one must have strong physical and mental resilience.


Thanks to centuries-old exercises taken directly from the traditional 'Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-do' system, you can enhance your resilience.


In concrete terms, we will learn by means of all kinds of exercises, techniques and chains of techniques to move, by adopting first a correct attitude. Afterwards we work on our breathing. "Breathing and moving together". It's just like beginning your oral exam: head up, back straight and before answering, take a good breath and exhale.


Learning these techniques to stand stronger in your shoes is the goal of our training.


In addition, attention is given to 'Self-defense' as 'karate ni sente nashi' or 'there is no first attack in karate'. By learning effective defense techniques, you learn to better protect yourself, but not without losing sight of the physical and mental health aspects.


More information can be found at http://www.iogkf.be and www.iogkf.com


The training will take place in Nuclea's sports hall every Monday from 12.15 to 13.15 and on Tuesday evening from 7 pm until 8 pm.

Geert De Meyer (VITO)
Tel: 014 33 55 85
E-mail: karate@nuclea.be

Responsible Manager:
Birgit Vandevelde (VITO)
Tel.: 014 33 59 18
E-mail: birgit.vandevelde@vito.be