Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting can be practiced according to two (Olympic) disciplines: TRAP and SKEET.


For the TRAP discipline, the shooters are situated 15 metres from the launch point.

The launch machine automatically regulates the trajectory of the launched targets according to international regulations.

The direction of the targets is changed after every shot.

The shooter is entitled to two barrels per target and changes his shooting position after each target (with a total of 5 shooting positions). A full round consists of 25 targets.








For the TRAP discipline, the shooters are situated in a semicircular arc (diameter: 38.80 metres).
Two trap houses are situated at opposite ends of this semicircular arc, with the high trap house on the left and the low trap house on the right.
The shooter shoots successively from eight indicated stations (7 on the circle, 1 midway between the two trap houses), first at the target from the high trap house, then at the target from the low trap house.

The shooter is entitled to one barrel per target.

At positions 1, 2, 6 and 7, the 'doubles' (when the two trap houses launch one target simultaneously) are shot immediately after the 'singles'.

The shooter has two barrels and is obliged to shoot the target from the nearest trap house first, followed by the target released from the trap house that is further away. A full round consists of 25 targets.

A JPC discipline (sporting clays) is also one of the options. Shooters are posted in a fixed station, and clays are thrown from several points and in all possible directions. Left, right, incoming, high, low, etc. ... it’s all part of the standard JPC package.

At NUCLEA, the practiced disciplines are TRAP and JPC shooting, a skeet stand is not available at Tir der Kempen.

In principle, shooting practice takes place as follows, every two weeks:

  • A summer competition from April up to and including September, starting at 1 p.m.
  • A winter competition from October up to and including March, also at 1 p.m.

Two rounds of 25 clay pigeons are always shot. At the end of the competition, a classification including the 10 best results of the round is drawn up.

We make use of the shooting range of Frans Peeters in Noorderwijk (Herentals) for our shooting practice.

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