The yoga lessons take place in the Nuclea sports room.
It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes and to bring along a yoga mat or a blanket.
During school vacations and holidays there are no yoga lessons.

TAO Yin Yoga On Monday evening from 17h15 until 18h45

TAO yin means: sending energy
YI means: the strength of spirit, eye and heart
IN means: to give direction, to give direction to energy with spirit, eye and heart.

The exercises are aimed at opening the body and bring it in balance, both physically and energetically.
It develops body awareness. Hereby the inner feeling is important.
Breathing is also very important during the exercises.
TAO yin is meditation in movement.
It is an important part of the Universal Healing TAO practice, a way to move freely between the tides of life.
It brings your body together, connected to the 4 dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
It’s a system with stretching excercises, not so much of the muscles, but of the joints, tendons and ligaments.
This creates space in your body. The TAO yin yoga is less extreme than classical yoga, therefore it can be practised by every one.
We mostly work on 2 important muscle groups: the psoas muscle and the diaphragm.
In combination with attention to your pelvic floor these exercises are very good for your body.

Viniyoga on Wednesday afternoon from 12h30 until 13h30

The word “viniyoga” simply means: application, but in this context means: “the right application” of the different parts of the eightfold yoga path (ashtanga yoga) for Western people.

Viniyoga is an effective and responsible way of using the means of yoga (posture and exercise, breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, …).
The practitioner is in the center and yoga adapts itself to his/her opportunities and limitations.



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Responsible Manager:

Birgit Vandevelde (VITO)
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