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Our Nuclea Yachting Club section is many-facetted with regard to the various sports that are on offer. 



We try to organize a regatta on a recreational basis once a month. These regattas, with three circuits each, take place on Sundays, and are intended for the one-design classes. We have a handicap system for this. The winter races start at the end of September and run until about March; the summer races are held in the other period. The final ranking is made on the basis of the ten best-sailed circuits.


External sailors are most welcome to participate in this regatta, for which a small registration fee has to be paid.


Practicing and free sailing is always possible. Participation in external regattas, such as the Belgian championships or the Antwerp Race, can be done on one’s own initiative. 


If there is a need for initiation, we can arrange for this. It is also possible to use a sailboat for a short period of time, including participation in our club competitions. 



We don’t organize competitions in the club, except for the slalom competition in September. Several disciplines are possible within the waterskiing area, such as wake board, slalom, barefoot, figures, etc. We also have some equipment available, such as an air-chair.




We currently only practice windsurfing on a recreational basis. If required, a surfboard can be made available.


Boat trips

Our Club has a jetty where large yachts are also able to moor. This is mainly used as winter berth.

The number of available places is limited, however.


Additional activities

When the time is right, we organize festive activities such as a mussels party or BBQ. 


On Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoons, everyone is welcome to come and play petanque in the fields behind the canteen.


A limited number of fishermen with larger boats can make use of our slipway to enter the lagoon; please consult the Board first.


There are mutual agreements with the Diving section for divers to practice in the lagoon during the winter months. 



In order to run all these different activities as smoothly as possible, we naturally need regulations, which are attached as an Appendix. 

Please read through them at your ease, and remember the items that are important for your discipline. 

The key elements are common sense and an open mind. 



Boeretang 200
2400 Mol

Annual membership fee?

Basic fee

Junior (Between ages 13 and 25)
€ 10,00
€ 5,00
€ 45,00
€ 22,50
€ 45,00
€ 22,50

Section fee

Junior (Between ages 13 and 25)


Janez Perko



0479/85 48 43

Irène Mertens

Executive of the board


Janez Perko



0479/85 48 43


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