Boeretang closed off for through traffic

Following the threat assessment carried out after the terror attacks in Brussels, and in consultation with the authorities, SCK•CEN has  decided to close part of the Boeretang for through traffic. New traffic signs have been installed. More information can be found in the SCK•CEN website.


The Royal Nuclea vzw (non-profit organisation) was founded by staff members of the SCK•CEN on 27 June 1959.

Several companies from the region are currently making financial contributions, making NUCLEA into a staff association of 3 companies.

The staff association, which now consists of more than 2,000 members, aims to achieve the following objectives in a dynamic manner: The promotion of the cultural, sporting and social life of its members.

The SCK•CEN makes infrastructure available to NUCLEA (sports hall, football pitch, tennis courts, marina, swimming lagoon, golf course, etc.).

Together with the contribution of the participating companies and with its own revenue from the members and guests, NUCLEA offers its members a unique combination of sports, relaxation and culture.

Would you like to get to know our organisation, or are you looking for an activity that would suit you? Our website might provide you with some answers.

Additional information is also always available from the NUCLEA secretariat.

Founding companies:



JRC – Geel